ExperiBar is a globally unique catering service and installation designed for interactive wine, spirit consumption. Using ExperiBar pop-up drinkstation is a playful and unforgettable experience.

ExperiBar makes wine & spirit consumption an exploration of the drink while it encourages people to network naturally and easily. The aesthetics and special construction of ExperiBar immediately impresses guests while the drinkstand has its strong functional side too: cooling, decanting, dispensing…etc. The intense visual and tactile experiences create particularly memorable impressions about the drink, the brand, the occasion for the guests as they will experience much more than what they are used to (standard tasting, smelling).

ExperiBar debuted at Budapest Design Week in Fall 2017. That installation was made specificly for wine (and spirit) enjoyment. Its three units were designed for different types of wine.
ExperiBar pop-up drinkstation is ideal for…

  • a stand alone gastronomy themed event (on its own)
  • additional / accompanying service (extra catering)
  • inspiring your future personalized barstand designed and made by us!
  • Feel free to contact us, we are happy to hear from you!